About Us

Cleveland Animal Rights Alliance (CARA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization promoting the principle that every animal, both human and non-human, exist free from oppression, human use and exploitation. As we align our daily choices with this principle, we create a world of peace, abundance and environmental sustainability.  

CARA recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and works to break down barriers between species yet foster healthy and respectful boundaries that allow all individuals to live on their own terms. We achieve this cultural shift in consciousness by advocating a compassionate vegan ethic, living mindfully to the plight of those most in need. 

Our organization hosts a variety of community outreach events throughout the year.  Events cover a range of topics that address human health & nutrition, environmental sustainability and ethics & philosophy as it pertains to our relationship with other animals.  We use a variety of creative approaches to foster a nonviolent cultural transformation including the following:

  • Hosting film screenings and free vegan dinners and presentations with nationally-known speakers
  • Staffing information booths at many Cleveland-area festivals
  • Leafleting with vegan literature at concerts & colleges
  • Holding vegan "feed-ins" to introduce the public to delicious cruelty-free food options
  • Giving humane education presentations in schools, religious organizations and various settings.